UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL hardware is covered by the warranty for a period of 1 year against any manufacturing and workmanship defects. This warranty does not cover normal or abusive wear, insufficient or inadequate maintenance, finish discoloration, corrosion due to the use of chemical or natural agents, including those used for cleaning purposes.


This warranty binds UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL with the original purchaser of the products only.
The liability of UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL is limited to the original value of the product recognized as defective by UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL. Under no circumstances shall UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL be held responsible or liable for any other direct or indirect damage, including in particular, but not exhaustively: loss of profits or revenues resulting from or relating to any defect in the products covered by this guarantee or to any use of such products by the owner or any other person, or any delay in honoring this warranty due to circumstances beyond the control of UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials only and does not include defects and damage attributable to or being caused by or resulting from improper installation of hardware, doors or frames.

Product adjustments or replacement of normal wear parts, such as weatherstripping, sound seals, door sweeps and rollers are not covered by the warranty.

Any attempt to repair or modify UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL products permanently invalidates the entire warranty.

The warranty does not cover direct or indirect damage caused to doors, frames, floors, thresholds and other hardware or any other installations near or related to the place of installation of UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL products.

Hardware, weatherstrips or sound seals must never be painted, failure to comply will void the warranty.

Excluded from the warranty are damaged products that are installed in uninhabited buildings or buildings still under construction with an inadequate heating, air conditioning or ventilation system. Ta be covered by the limited warranty, products awaiting installation must be stored in a dry, clean and well-ventilated area to avoid exposure to high humidity, excessive heat or be in direct contact with water.

Any replacement of parts will not have the effect of extending the duration of the guarantee or modifying it. The original warranty will continue according to the terms, conditions and remaining period of time if applicable.

lt is the responsibility of the hardware specialist, architect, contractor or building owner to select the UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL product(s) that meet the applicable building code and regulations. UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL can in no way be held responsible for non­ compliance with the building code or the regulations in force.

UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL reserves the right to cease manufacturing a product or component at any time. ln such a case, the company may, at its discretion, either replace the defective product with a similar product, or grant the customer a credit equivalent to the price paid by the latter for the component.